About Life at ‟The Bar”

Steel Bar is part of the Reliance, Inc. (NYSE: RS) family of companies, and proudly operates as a top-tier metals distribution company and supplier of tube, plate, sheet, and processing in various metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Life is better at the Bar.

Since May 1, 1980, Steel Bar has consistently delivered high-quality products for agricultural, general machining, aerospace, and heavy equipment industries. Our customer-centric approach guarantees tailored solutions, supported by responsive customer service. Partner with Steel Bar to benefit from a team-wide expertise and service.

Big Company Support

As part of the Reliance family of companies, Steel Bar benefits from support best-in-class expertise, industry insight and financial support.

Small Business Care

We pride ourselves on taking on projects of all sizes and treating your project with the personalized care that it deserves. 

You’re in Good Company

At Steel Bar, people like to stick around. For us, that means we have a team of happy employees. For you, it means over 100 years of combined expertise, ready to support you.

Jeff Zywica

Jeff Zywica

Inside Sales

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Dave Hutton

Outside Sales

Jessie Portillo

Jessie Portillo

Inside Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell more than steel bars?
Yes, we carry a wide variety of metals including aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, tool Steel and performance alloys.

Do you Deliver?
Yes, Steel Bar has its own fleet of trucks and drivers. Unless you are outside of our local network we will quote you a delivered price.

Do you sell sheet?
Yes, we stock and sell sheet and plate in many metals commodities. Give us a shout and we can work on getting you a quote.

What is your delivery area?
We have an approximate range of 100-200 mile radius around our Greensboro location but our multiple locations around the country can help us make deliveries in almost any geography in the continental US.

Do you sell overseas?
Yes, with the appropriate export documentation we will service other countries.

Do you sell to the general public?
Yes, we will support personal orders but we are not engineers and do not make application suggestions. Please make sure you come to us with the type of steel you require.

Can I pick up?
Yes, if your vehicle can safely handle the steel load then we will gladly load your order for you.

Do you offer processing?
Yes, we have a variety of first level processing aimed at simplifying your manufacturing process. Popular processes are saw cutting, banding/bundling requirements and chamfer/deburr but we also offer tube laser, water jet, lathe cut-off and more. If you have a bottleneck in your process we can help.

Do you have minimums?
No, we will provide whatever is needed to the general public

Are you ISO certified?
We are in the process of gaining our ISO certificate, we expect to have completed by end of year 2024.

Can I order online?
Unfortunately Not Yet, we are developing an online marketplace platform but for the time being you can contact our friendly sales team and they will help you out.

Do you accept walk-ins?
Steel is a slow moving commodity and though we can entertain your on site requests, chances are we will have to transfer or process your request which may involve a serious time commitment. It is better to contact us in advance for the most efficient outcome.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card, check, cash, and money wire.

When are you open?
Sales is open from 8 AM to 5 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, Our warehouse is open from 5 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

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