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Steel Bar is a top-tier metals distribution company and supplier of tube, plate, sheet, and processing in various metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.




6061-T6511 AMS QQ-A-200/8

6061-T651 AMS AA-A-225/8

7075-T651 AMS QQ-A-225/9

2024-T351 T4 ASM QQ-A-225/6

2011-T3 AMS QQ-A-225/3

Carbon and Alloys

9310 CEVM AMS 6265 AMS 6267 AMS 2300

E9310 AMS 6260 MIL S 7393

8620 CF ASTM A 311

8620 HR ASTM A322 ASTM A304

4340 CF ASTM A 331

4340 HR ASTM A322 ASTM A304

4340 CEVM AMS 6414

E4340 AMS 6415 AMS 6484 AMS 2301 AMS S5000 MIL S 5000

4340 Q&T ASTM A322

4150 ASTM A322

4150 MOD & RES HT

4140 ASTM A322 ASTM A304

4140 ASTM A 108

E4140 AMS 6382 MIL S 5626 AMS 2301

E4130 AMS 6348 AMS 6370 AMS 2301 AMS 6758 MIL S 6758



Nitriding 135

E52100 AMS A295 AMS 6440 AMS 2301 AMS S 7420 MIL S 7420

1045 ASTM A108

1045 ASTM A576

1018 ASTM A108

1018 ASTM A576

12L14 ASTM A108

1215 ASTM A108

1141 ASTM A576

1141 ASTM A108

1117 ASTM A576

1117 ASTM A108


1144 ASTM A 108

1144 ASTM A 576

1144 ASTM A311 CL B


Stressproof® A311 CL B ASTM A 108



  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Beams

303/303L ASTM A 582 AMS 5640 T1

304/304L ASTM A479 AMS 5639 AMS 5647 ASTM A276

316/316L ASTM A276 A479 AMS 4648 AMS 5653 QQ-S-763

321 ASTM A479 AMS 5645 ASTM A276 QQ-S-763

410 ANN ASTM A 479 A276 AMS 5612 AMS 5613 QQ-S-763

416 ANN ASTM A582 AMS 5610

416 HT ASTM A 582 COND T AMS 5610

431 ANN ASTM A276 MIL S 18732 AMS 5682

440C ANN AMS 5630 QQ-S-763 ASTM A 276

13-8 AMS 5629 AMS 2300 ASTM A564 XM-13

15-5 AMS 5659 TP1

17-4 ASTM A564 AMS 5643 AMS 2303

Brass & Bronze

C36000 1/2 Hard ASTM B16

C93200 (SAE 660) ASTM B505

C11000 ASTM B187



6061 Porthole ASTM B221 QQ A 200/8

6061 Sealmless ASTM B 241 QQ A 200/8

6061 Drawn Seamless WWT 700/6

Carbon and Alloys


ERW (CR, HR, & P&O) ASTM A 513/1

A500 structural

Hydraulic J525 ASTM A 214

Hydraulic J524 ASTM A 179

4130 Promoly AMS T 6736

1026 HFS ASTMA519

1026 CDS ASTM A 519

4140 ANN HFS ASTM A 519

4140 PHT HFS ASTM A 519

4140 ANN CDS ASTM A 519

4140 PHT CDS ASTM A 519

304 CDS ASTM A 269 ASTM A 213

304 HF SMLS ASTM A 511

316 CDS ASTM A 312

316 HF SMLS ASTM A 511



6061 AMS 4027

7075 QQ A 250/12

7050 AMS 4050




Carbon and Alloys


A514 GR B

A516 GR 70

A572 GR 50

1045 ASTM A 830

8620 ASTM A 829

4140 ASTM A 829

E4340 AMS 6359

4340 CQ ASTM A 829

E4130 AMS 6345

E4130 AMS 6350

4130 CQ



304 ASTM A 240

316 ASTM A 240

17-4 AMS 5604

15-5 BMS 7-240 TP1 AMS 5862 TP 2



Tube Laser

Our region boasts 3 fiber obtic tube lasers and one gas combustion. We are able to handle material from .625RD to 8.625″ and many shapes and sizes in between

Cold Saw

We have 2 cold saws that accurately saw cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals from .4375″ to 6″ rd. We are able to hold tolerances as tight as +/-.005″ on our cold saws

Water Jet

Our multi-head waterjet is easily accesible through our transfer truck sytem. We can waterjet almost any metal in thicknesses up to 4.0″

Lathe Cutoff

Machine tool cutoffs allow for a precises and clean cut. Whether you need a lead in chamfer or an OD/ID bevel; our in house lathe can handle it

Band Saw

We have multipe bandsaws with CNC indexed cutting up to 26″ diameter. Our tilt head band saw can cut mitres and bullnose pieces as well

Vibratory Deburr

Depending on the aggregate our vibratory deburr machine can soften those sharp saw cut edges or remove scale and oil from material

Hy-Def Plasma

Our plasma table utilizes the latest in metal burning processing, cutting at the temperature of the sun this process can burn through tough metals with ease


Standard oxygen cutting is a staple in the plate processing world. Our CAD engineers and their attention to detail is not. Let us help you burn shapes per print


Custom tubing can be expensive and nearly impossible to find, we can trepan the ID of a sold bar and make the tube for you. If you need the core too just ask!


As a provider of DOM we know the importance of accurate ID’s. We also offer in house honing on DOM products with available options fit for pump shaft bar.

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